DIANA TURNER-FORTE - Beyond entertainment . . . dance with a message

A FEATHER IN THE WIND: Poetry for the Mind, Body, Sprint, and Soul is a collection of poems to stimulate the mind, open the heart, and make the soul singA FEATHER IN THE WIND is presented in six sections: "Peace and Harmony," "the Source," "Nature," "Interconnectedness," "On Waking Up," and "Dancing."  Relocating to the rural south and the solitary life-style that transition afforded were opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.  Diana Turner-Forte found herself surrounded by nature, listening to the sounds of birds in the morning, eating fresh vegetables from the garden, and making long drives to teach, dance, and study in nearby cities: simple gifts she would come to cherish.  Over time, Ms. Turner-Forte's recollections of conversations and experiences with many different people became a catalog of words, messages, and phrases.

A FEATHER IN THE WIND is partly the result of those contemplations, giving voice to observations through the literary style of poetry.

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