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Mission Statement

To empower young teachers and aspiring students in the art of classical ballet. Through one-on-one training participants acquire self-knowledge and learn to tap into their inner essence affirming their innate abilities to grow as contributors to the field of dance. Diana Turner-Forte aims to achieve this by providing participants with personalized sessions in  Classical Ballet, supplemented by Contrology and Reiki.

Diana Turner-Forte

Dancer, Teaching Artist, Mentor, Reiki Master, and Writer

Diana Turner-Forte offers her services in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Some of the work can be done distant.


Working with young teachers empowering them to feel secure in what they are teaching is a valuable service to the dance field. Often students transition into the teaching field without anatomical knowledge, studio management skills, full knowledge of the reasons for the layout of the class, as welll as a lack of knowledge of student safety and injury prevention. They often teach how they were taught, which is not bad, it's just not as thorough as it could be when it comes to transitioning into the role of dance instructor.  During one-on-one sessions with Ms. Turner-Forte young teachers are guaranteed to be outstanding  role models and wise instructors for the next generation of dancers. Additionally, Diana Turner--Forte works privately with aspiring young students who  desire to polish their classical ballet technique  in striving toward a professional dance career.

Diana Turner-Forte is a Teaching Artist in Dance and Well-being. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (RMT) and Chakra Healing Master, as well as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). She holds an MA in dance and certifications in somatic healing modalities.


After receiving her professional training with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School in Canada, she performed with dance companies throughout the United States.


Her early teaching experiences were in public education and private dance studios where she focused on holistic movement awareness and safe practices with her students. In this process she introduced hundreds of students to self-care and injury-prevention measures benefiting their physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Diana Turner-Forte is the recipient of numerous award for excellence in dance.

Ms. Turner-Forte's personal and spiritual growth evolved with studies in holistic well-being and somatic/mind-body integration. She holds certifications as a Holistic Health Professional (HHP), Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner (RMT), and Certified Chakra Healing Master (CCHM). Her passion for dance, movement, spiritual transformation, and well-being are combined in the work she shares with all ages. 

With a vast well of resources acquired throughout her adult life, Ms. Turner-Forte is equipped to teach  dance and movement to a variety of people with a range of skills and capabilities.

Memories of Black Ballet Dancers (


Diana Turner-Forte
Dancer, Teaching Artist, Mentor, and Writer
Transforming the human spirit through the art of dance.

Dedicated to the art of movement directed toward enhancing a learner's skills in self-awareness and self-knowledge through dance, techniques in brain-body integration, and the healing arts. The  

intention is to empower participants in their quest toward a better understanding of their skill set in classical ballet as a teacher or dancer through Private Instruction.


Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be Joyful.

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