DIANA TURNER-FORTE - Beyond entertainment . . . dance with a message


 Transforming the human spirit through the art of dance, movement and stillness.

"Creativity is a voice that calls us from dreams, that peeks out of the corner of our eyes when we think no one is looking, the longing that breaks our hearts . . ."
In a lifetime devoted to both dancing and teaching professionally, Diana Turner-Forte established the Institute, initially to serve the purpose of simplifying the training of young people in the art form of dance, specifically classical ballet.  The intention is to harness student's creativity and imagination into meaningful and expressive movements that emanate from their inner spirit.  It is a process in which students are fully engaged in the creative process to become movement artists who are kinesthetically aware and integrated in mind, spirit and body.  The Institute is based on human values and principles of movement.  It is a classical ballet school of the heart dedicated to cultivating dancers with critical thinking skills and a passion for movement.
The Institute was established to provide the opportunity for parents to choose dance experiences for  their child that shapes their character, draws out their creativity and lifts their spirits. This organization incorporates the foundational training of the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus to stimulate the student with child-oriented dancing, musicality, age appropriate activities and safe teaching practices.
Dance is a tool for unlocking the imagination, beauty and personal expression that is within every young child.  At the Institute, students discover three styles of movement:
  • Classical ballet vocabulary enables students to become aware of the foundation of all other dance styles;
  • Affirm their physicality in the plasticity and natural lines of the body in Free Movement;
  • Develop an understanding and an appreciation of other cultures through Character Dance.
This layered and multicultural approach to dance increases self-confidence, establishes positive attitudes and ultimately cultivates disciplined, thinking and committed contributors to society.
CORE VALUES: Self-respect, Self-responsibility and Self-discipline
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